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Safe Harbor Plans
  • Why should I offer my employees a 401(k)?
    Offering a 401(k) plan can help in your efforts to engage employees and reduce turnover. Employees who are making an investment in their future through retirement plans may be less likely to move on to other companies — in particular, when employers make matching contributions or provide additional value it adds to an employee's total compensation.
  • What does it cost me to add this benefit?
    The out-of-pocket costs to adopt into the FullStack 401(k) plan are minimal. There is a $50/payroll fee for integrating the plan with your payroll, and that’s it! Furthermore, there are potential tax advantages available to you to help offset this cost.
  • Are there any tax advantages for me in adding this benefit?
    If you are starting your business' first 401(k) plan and have less than 100 employees, you can qualify for a minimum of $500 tax credit and up to a maximum of $5,000 for each of the first three years of your plan. This credit can be applied to 50% of your qualified business 401(k) costs such as plan setup and administration.
  • Can I customize the plan?
    Absolutely! There are many areas of the plan that are open for customization: - Whether or not you match - Employee eligilbity - Vesting schedules - Etc!
  • Do I have to offer a company match?
    No! You can offer a 401(k) plan for your employees to invest and save for their own retirement even if you’re not able to afford a company match. That said, 51% of plans offer a match and it can be a great way to incentivize employees to save. The typical match range is between 3-6%. If you are thinking about offering a match, consider vesting schedules – i.e. the requirement you set for the period of time that employees must have worked at your company before the employee owns any matching contribution. Most plans require 12 (or more) months of service before employees are eligible for employer matching.
  • What is the annual compliance testing all about?
    Compliance testing is a process that determines whether a company is fairly administering its 401(k) plan under ERISA rules. ERISA mandates nondiscrimination testing for retirement plans to demonstrate that they don’t favor highly compensated employees or key employees, such as company owners. Compliance testing for 401(k) plans is the responsibility of the company that offers the plan – in this case, FullStack along with Bluestar will be responsible for administering the testing for your plan.
  • Do I have to pick the plan investments?
    Not in the FullStack plan. FullStack utilizes Invst as the plan Investment Manager; Invst has a fiduciary responsibility to manage the investments in the plan. Investments are monitored quarterly, and are scored using a set of Fiduciary criteria to make sure each investment option used is a good fit for the plan.
  • What’s a Safe Harbor plan?
    A safe harbor 401(k) plan ensures all eligible plan participants receive an employer contribution. In exchange for making the fixed employer contribution, employers get a “pass” on 401k compliance testing. This means that, even if your company would normally “fail” the compliance testing, there will be no penalties or remedies applied if you opt in to a Safe Harbor design.
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