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What happens in an Invst Level-10 Progress Meeting?



5 Minutes

Check in & kick things off.  This is often called “Good News”.  Attendees should share personal or professional wins, exciting realizations or developments, or anything they’d like the other attendees to celebrate with them.


5 Minutes

Review your Financial Life Scorecard.  There’s only five minutes allotted for this, so it should happen rather quickly and isn’t openly discussed yet. If we uncover any "issues" when reviewing this scorecard, we'll add them to our "issues list" to address later.  


10 Minutes

"Rocks" are projects which we track to help you reach your goals and address any issues along the way.  We'll review them, adding any off-track Rocks to your issues list.  We'll also review the performance of your financial basics - cash flow health, investment performance & etc.


30-40 Minutes

IDS stands for Identify, Discuss, and Solve. This will take up the majority of our meeting time.  We'll begin by identifying the top three priorities on the agenda, discussing those three items to identify the roots of any issues, and creating new to-do’s to solve them.  


5 Minutes

We will recap the meeting, reviewing our to-do list and responsibilities, and then each participant will give the meeting a rating of 1-10.  Over time, we're aiming to score 10s in every progress meeting!

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