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If you want to reach your full financial potential, you need a

What is a Personal CFO?

You've got big plans for how you want to live your life, but it's possible the decisions you're making with money don't line up with all those plans.  Retirement?  That's important, for sure, but there's also a lot to take care of in the meantime.  


We help families maximize their financial potential by organizing and coordinating everything that happens with their money.  Cash flow, where to accumulate wealth, how you invest, how to structure debt, how to buy insurance, how to eliminate lost opportunity costs, how to increase the velocity of your money - a Personal CFO is the quarterback for it all.



Since 2005, I've helped my clients achieve their full financial potential by serving as their Personal CFO.


We work together on your total financial situation - cash flow, savings, investments, credit cards, student loans, business planning, legacy planning, insurance, private placements & etc.


As a fiduciary, we work to optimize all areas in an unbiased manner and, as a result, the people I help are able to find more balance in their work, family, spiritual & financial lives.



Tel:        317-202-1891

Fax:       317-427-7566


3625 E 96th. St.

Indianapolis, IN 46240


9:00AM - 5:00PM

Monday - Friday

Eastern Standard Time



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